Gut Anxiety

This is a little personal. When I was going through my divorce in 1997, my ex husband used to stalk me. It was pretty bad. But because of it, I would have horrible morning anxiety. It was so bad I had diarrhea with it. Now we’re not talking about your every day diarrhea, we are […]

Creating a Toolbox

Since I’ve had anxiety and trauma for pretty much the majority of my adult life, I created a toolbox for myself. Let me explain. When I first got diagnosed my doctor immediately put me on anti depressants and Ativan. I was on these for well over 20+ years. One day I decided I didn’t want […]

Anxiety is a Bitch

I’ve lived with anxiety and PTSD since 1982. I’ve worked extremely hard on getting in control. And I did! Between yoga and a great psychologist, I had it all under control. But two things happened to me in 2020 which threw me into a loop. The first was menopause. Ladies, if you haven’t gone through […]