Gut Anxiety

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This is a little personal. When I was going through my divorce in 1997, my ex husband used to stalk me. It was pretty bad. But because of it, I would have horrible morning anxiety. It was so bad I had diarrhea with it. Now we’re not talking about your every day diarrhea, we are talking if I didn’t run fast enough I wouldn’t make it and shit myself diarrhea. I had this issue since then. Crazy right? Leaving the house in the morning was a nightmare which includes lots of Imodium and CBD gummies.

How does this happen? Well, it all starts with those silly amygdala. Yup! How? Well it activates the vagus nerve which, in turn, stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. Now, I’ve been a patient of a psychologist for years and my anxiety is really in a good place. So why does it still happen?

I reached out to a friend of mine who is an MD/Homeopathic Doctor/Shaman/Reiki Master. He explained that while my anxiety has been lowered considerably, some anxiety can get stuck in the gut. It all has to do with the gut brain connection. The brain has been fixed but the gut hasn’t.

This year, I really wanted to get to the bottom of this shitty issue. So I did a couple things: first I found this amazing probiotic specifically for gut anxiety . What I love about this probiotic is it is specific for gut anxiety. While they can’t tell me what their secret ingredients are, I’m really liking it. Second, remember my friend I told you about about? He prescribed some homeopathic medicines which include: Licopodium, Rescue remedy, Star of Bethlehem, Sage brush, and Self heal. I’m pretty sure you can buy these via Amazon but I get them through him. Last, he did some shamanic healing on me. Now, before you get all weirded out, it actually is working. So don’t discount the weird stuff.

I went this route because sadly modern medicine didn’t have anything to deal with it. When I did the research it said, do yoga and meditate. Well I do that! So why isn’t it working? When I talked to a gastroenterologist about this, they really didn’t have an answer. They said they could prescribe anti-depressants. That wasn’t sitting well with me. I was on them for 21 years, so why would I even want to go back. Grant it, modern medicine is a great thing but there are some things that do perplex doctors and they have no answer. This situation was one of them.

The funny thing about this is while I was working on me to fix this little pooping issue, is I found out some of my other girlfriends have to too! The best part is, we share information now and help each other. I’m sure there are more of you out there who have this issue. It’s terrible! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pooped myself and the embarrassment that goes with it. My husband luckily is very very understanding about this.

I’m hoping my racing the potty days are over. Cross your fingers.