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 Make your Mental Health a Priority




The truth is, it’s hard to be human.

It can be as difficult to deal with the everyday stressors of life:  

birth, death, marriage, divorce, sickness changing or losing a job or home

A pandemic…

As it is to deal with the extraordinary stressors of life as I have:  

abusive relationships, eating disorders, working in high stress

environments like the military and as a first responder … 

We all have our own shit to process.

The truth is, it only takes one moment to alter the course of your life.

Whether you claim it, through labels 

such as: Anxiety. Depression. Trauma. PTSD or Stress.

Whether your scars are visible or the hidden emotional kind

We ALL experience these feelings and states of being in varying degrees throughout our lifetimes —-

each and every one of us.

Yet you can learn to thrive despite your circumstances 

You can learn to control your life despite the things that have happened to you 

You can learn to live the life you truly desire 

I am living, breathing proof of this.

My name is Cindy Beers and I am a wife, a mother, a service disabled veteran, a published author and an experienced. yoga and mental health professional. 

dedicated to helping you live the life you truly desire one moment at a time.

I serve my clients through a variety of one to one, and group based experiences across the spectrum of mental health and I train teachers in how to lead mental health focused experiences of their own. 

I invite you to join me.

I invite you to thrive.

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Disclaimer Yoga for Mental Health and Wellness was created and intended for educational purpose in mindfulness, human potential, and consciousness. Cynthia Beers is a 500-hour yoga teacher with training in anxiety, depression, and PTSD and is not a licensed therapist, counselor or social worker. Mental health conditions are physical medical conditions with cognitive and emotional symptoms. Cynthia Beers believes self-knowledge is a human right and offering information to users regarding their own biological processes can form the foundation of a more positive, empowered, and wellness-oriented life. This is a good thing. It helps align with the intent of the program to make the world a better place. This program does not replace the need to be under a physician’s care as you would for any other physical medical condition.