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New Podcast Episode – It’s a Meditation!!
Enjoy .
Anxiety and Neurofeeback
Today we talk to one of my dear friends, Tom Fink, PhD. We talk about anxiety, how it ties into other things, and Neurofeedback. He also talks about his invention MindReflector. You can find MindReflector at http://mindreflector.com. Healthcare workers and First Responders, listen at the end for a special deal JUST FOR YOU! About Tom […]
Being a Caregiver with a Dementia Patient
Today we talked to my friend Lindsey. Lindsay is a psych nurse who has taken time away from working to care for her mother. Her mother has early to middle stage dementia. We talk about anxiety with and someone that has dementia and the importance of making yourself first as a caregiver. Taking care of […]
Episode one of my Podcast!
In this episode, we talk about me and my background. We also go for different things that we are going to be talking about in the next few weeks. I’m hoping to have guests soon lined up too! Episode 1
There’s a podcast coming!
Holy Cow! I made a podcast! It’s call Mental Health Toolbox and it will be on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and I think Google. Check it out!
Gut Anxiety
This is a little personal. When I was going through my divorce in 1997, my ex husband used to stalk me. It was pretty bad. But because of it, I would have horrible morning anxiety. It was so bad I had diarrhea with it. Now we’re not talking about your every day diarrhea, we are […]
Creating a Toolbox
Since I’ve had anxiety and trauma for pretty much the majority of my adult life, I created a toolbox for myself. Let me explain. When I first got diagnosed my doctor immediately put me on anti depressants and Ativan. I was on these for well over 20+ years. One day I decided I didn’t want […]
Living with PTSD
I live with PTSD. It’s not something I really talk about very often. In fact, I’ve hid it for years. My husband and my therapist didn’t even know; until two years ago. I was taking a class on Military Sexual Trauma and I started have nightmares and night terrors. You see, I had a sexual […]
Anxiety is a Bitch
MEDIABOOKS * BLOG/PODCAST BOOKSMindful Yoga for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, & Stress$20.00 View or BuyMindful Yoga for Depression$15.00 View or BuyMindful Yoga for Anxiety & Depression$15.00 View or BuyMindful Yoga for Teen Anxiety 2nd Edition$15.00 View or BuyMindful Yoga for Adult Anxiety: How to Handle Your Anxiety Holistically$15.00 View or BuyBLOG/PODCASTNew Podcast Episode – It’s a […]
Blog Coming Soon!
I will begin blogging at CindyBeers.com, please check back soon!